Congratulations to all Winners & Participants
of the Pie Baking Contest!


Grand Prize Winner: 
Harold Lyninger with a beautiful lattice apple pie, receiving $100 grand prize

Fruit Pies:
Myra Hall ~ 1st Place, $50
Cindy Taylor ~ 2nd Place
Brenda Muncey ~ 3rd Place

Honorable Mention ~ Tom Hardin, Edith Kitts, Lydia Nicholson,
James Salling, Summer Beeler, Jim Perkins & Kathy Chesney

Nut Pies:
Peggy Carney ~ 1st Place, $50
Debbie Morgan ~ 2nd Place Ribbon
Edith Kitts ~ 3rd Place Ribbon

Honorable Mention ~ Tom Hardin

Other Pies:
Debbie Morgan ~ 1st Place, $50 (Coconut Pie)
Joanne Martin ~ 2nd Place Ribbon (Buttermilk Pie)
Lauren Williams ~ 3rd Place Ribbon (Snickers Pie)

Honorable Mention ~ Jim Prichard, Tom Hardin & Kenneth Hayes